Ife Project

etichetta di Ife!

Everything started when we met with !Donna  and from the common will of helping women in need. We committed to producing and giving totally for free for this project 1000 bottles of a very particular wine. Thanks to the competence of the Montini winery, a blend of 2013 chardonnay with a young pinot noir in white vinification became a wine of character that expressed the union of the freshness of a young woman to the experience of a more mature one.

This project has the collaboration of the Milan municipality and the patronage of the Consortium for the Protection of Oltrepò Pavese Wines and as its Media Partner Tutto Gusto and Pianeta Donna.

Women's wine for women is the first no profit wine making collaborative project made by women in Italy. We have produced the wine, but then we had the honor of collaborating with a pool of very talented women who created the label, took care of all communication created street food that matched the wine and every other detail. We teamed all for the same purpose: helping Nigerian widows.The name itself that we chose, Ife!, means in the local language "love" and summarizes our work.

The wine, presented at Expo for the first time, at the Italian Pavillion, in the COPAGRI area, is sold online on BeVegan. The entire income will be given to Kinabuti Fashion initiative, a no-profit association created by two young Italian women to develop sustainable projects in Nigeria.

In particular, the funds raised will be used to teach 'unprivileged‘ women from Lagos how to cook street food and sell it in order to become financially independent.