Who we are



Paola Daffunchio - Il Biancospino

Foto di Paola Daffunchio

Paola Daffunchio comes from Piemonte but has been working for many years in Oltrepò Pavese where she has organised her agritourism to welcome tourists that travel with their dogs. She breeds Samoyedo and Golden Retriever dogs and she is specialised in dog training and behaviour. She's an active member of Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana (the National Italian Dog Association), both as a breeder and as a delegate and technical consultant of the Training Committee.

In her agritourism, she offers a high quality cuisine based on selected ingredients according to the Campagna Amica protocol, which certifies that the food served is mainly produced locally. The wine & food research especially is oriented towards ancient dessert recipes and rural traditions.

She's passionate about nature and rural areas, of which she has a lot of experience. She's always been very interested in a better quality of life deriving from a healthy lifestyle. 


Cristina Galati - Montini Castel Felice

Foto di Cristina Galati

Cristina Galati has been taking care of the wine family business for over 30 years, educating her children to love and respect nature. Her wines are certified organic. 

Her dream is to transform "castelfelice" in a mentoring center for young aduts who would like to learn the difficult world of winemaking, starting from the cultivation of high quality grapes. 




Angelmina - Agriturismo La Sorgente

Foto di Angelmina

Angelmina's family has been in the Varzi territory for generations; she has started her agritourism together with her daughter Debora and her mother Maria.

She's passionate about cooking and loves to research ancient traditions. She provides a unique and high quality cuisine to her customers. 

She is specialised in typical local recipes which are done "the old way" by cooking in a wood oven.



Simona e Marcella Canegallo - Cella di Montalto

Foto di Simona e Marcella Canegallo

Simona and Marcella Canegallo are the owners of the farm which has been a family business for the last three generations. They started one of the first agritourism in Oltrepò Pavese 25 years ago as it was a feminine way of being active in the farm. 

Simona cooks traditional dishes such as delicious roasted meats and agnolotti, which is a home made fresh pasta with meat filling. Marcella takes care of the children that attend the "educational farm", which offers workshops that teach kids and adults creative activities and introduces them the rural world. 


Cristiana - Tenuta San Giovanni

Foto di Cristiana

Cristiana, class '68, with a master degree in agriculture and sommelier, has managed the family rural business together with her sister Alessandra, since 1996.

Times change and so do the methods used in agriculture. Being women entrepeneurs in this field is a fascinating challange for both, a union between creativity and innovation on the solid foundation of tradition.


 Ludmilla Wolf - Bioagriturismo Olistico Valtidone Verde

Foto di Ludmilla Wolf

Ludmilla takes over from her mom in 2010, leaving the american company she was working for and moves in with her family from Milan to persue her dream of sustainability.

Surrounded by utmost beauty and in harmony with nature, her goal is to unite organic farming, quality hospitality and kinesiology in order to offer wellness from every angle.